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Student Leadership

Providing students with the support and opportunities necessary to develop essential leadership skills is an important aspect of their education at Windsor Park School. Through a wide variety of leadership opportunities at all grade levels, students are developing skills in communication, creative problem-solving, responsibility, adaptability, initiative and self-direction, and teamwork, just to name a few. It is our goal to promote a culture of student confidence and empowerment to influence their world in positive ways, unleashing their potential in learning and life.


A Ubiquitous Approach to Leadership

At Windsor Park, leadership is addressed at all levels through a ubiquitous approach. Students learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through the Leader in Me process, and apply essential leadership skills to their learning, interactions with others, and daily life outside of school.


WPTV Broadcasting Studio

In grades five and six, students have the opportunity to apply for numerous leadership positions through our WPTV Broadcasting Studio. These include the Station Manager, Chief Engineer, News Anchors, Meterologists, Camera Operators, and Studio Engineers.  Students are responsible for reporting our school news live each morning to all classrooms.  Through this incredible leadership opportunity, students learn essential skills such as teamwork, communication, interpersonal, self-direction, work ethic, analytical, technical, organizational and problem-solving skills to name a few.


PAL (Physical Activity Leaders)

Throughout the year, all grade six students are scheduled to serve as a PAL during recess times. Through this leadership opportunity, our grade 6 students work with others during recess to engage in physical activity and to facilitate problem-solving as needed.